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Kyiv Clinical Ophthalmology Hospital Eye Microsurgery Center

Research Director
Mykola M. Sergiyenko
Head Physician
Sergiy O. Rykov
The Kyiv Clinical Ophthalmology Hospital Eye Microsurgery Center is the base of the ophthalmology department of the Kyiv P.L. Shupyk Medical Academy of Post-Diploma Education. The Center is the city specialized medical establishment for 185 beds, where 80 thousand consultations are annually provided and 15000 surgical operations are performed. The leading specialists in the field of ophthalmology are employed here, giving help not only to the citizens of Ukraine but also many other countries.

The Eye Microsurgery Center has a powerful diagnostic-medical base, in particular: 7 operating blocks outfitted with the modern diagnostic apparatus; 8 separations glaucoma and pathology of lens of the eye, vitreoretinalis surgery, surgical treatment of cornea diseases, vascular pathology, reconstructed microsurgery, microsurgery treatment of children's diseases, separation of ambulatory minimal invasive surgery and laser methods of treatment. In the Center the effective help is granted to the patients with the dystrophic changes of retina and this is one of the most widespread eye diseases; more than 45% of Ukrainian people by age after 40 years have this disease.

The Eye Microsurgery Center comprises consulting out-patients' for adults and children with ambulatory surgery separation, where more than 1000 operations on refraction surgery are annually performed. Besides, in the Center the highly skilled specialists constantly perform unique operations by its complication with application of the most modern methods and special medical equipment. The vitreoretinalis surgery has been successfully used in practice of treatment; the new methods of the combined (surgical and laser) treatment of glaucoma were developed. Practically all diseases of visual organ are treated here, in particular: cataract, glaucoma, detachment of the retina, dimness and haemorrhages in vitreous body, cross-eye vision, cancer, nearsightedness and others. The Eye Microsurgery Center has the most modern diagnostic-medical equipment of leading producers of the world. The specialists of the Center passed internship, mastered the newest technologies of microsurgery of eye in the clinics of France, Germany, England, USA and Canada. One of the results of this collaboration jointly with the colleagues of the USA and Canada is organization of the base for preparation of doctor-refractionist.

The Center was established in 1988 by the initiative of Doctor of Medicine, Professor Mykola Sergiyenko. He was born in 1934 in Slovyansk of Donetsk Region in working family. He got the higher medical education in the Kharkiv Medical Institute (1958); there he studied in the post graduate school and defended candidate's (1964) and doctor's (1971) dissertations. For the period of 1972-1977 Mykola Sergiyenko worked as the chief of the ophthalmology department in the Dagestan Medical Institute in Makhachkala.

The sphere of his scientific interests includes ophthalmology optics, microsurgery of eye and refraction surgery. The scientific reserve of Mykola Sergiyenko comprises more than 300 works including 38 inventions; four monographs, one textbook, many articles including dozens were published abroad. Among prominent scientific achievements of Mykola Sergiyenko there is conception of refraction of eye on the basis of physiology optical aberration and new models of the intraocular lens. Mykola Sergiyenko and his group of ophthalmologists of Ukraine by results of introduction of intra-ophthalmic correction was awarded with the State Prize in the field of science and engineering (1988), besides, he was awarded with the Order Friendship of People (1982) and Order For Merits of the III degree (1998). Today Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1991) and Academy of Medicine of Ukraine (1993) M. M. Sergiyenko heads the ophthalmology department of the Kyiv P. L. Shupyk Medical Academy of Post-Diploma Education; he is Main Ophthalmologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and vice-chairman of the Ukrainian Society of Ophthalmologists.
3, Komarov Avenue, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680
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