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Fur Company of Private Businessmen Serhiy P. Kravchuk and Oleksandr F. Yevglyevsky TM SSFUR

Serhiy P. Kravchuk, Oleksandr F. Yevglyevsky
Each of them had the work and own cares. However they decided to join the forces and to do common business. Beginning the private business (granting of services in fur dressing and dyeing) in 1993 from zero, Serhiy Kravchuk and Oleksandr Yevglyevsky are successful businessmen today, and their company of fur industry is one of the biggest Ukrainian companies of the European level. Main directions of activity of the company are follows as fur dressing and dyeing except for sheepskin, manufacturing of edging, collars and other fur decoration.
Kharkivets began from the wide use of modern technologies of many foreign companies at the enterprise. They did much first in Ukraine: one of the first began to work with German Company BASF, began the first to use dyes of American Company Lowenstein (today they can dye fur practically in any colour), one of the first mastered the stencil dyeing on fur, creation of the effect white tags, first in the CIS began to produce fur pictures and others.
Today the company has own custom fur sewing studio. Continuing to provide services to the separate clients, the collective at the same time prepares to start the mass output of goods, foremost youth head-dresses from inexpensive fur, and also youth fur clothes, in particular, rabbit jackets. Except for that, the company offers to the customers a wide range of dressed and dyed rabbit, nutrias and wild fox skin and others. Among the nearest plans of businessmen there is opening of the store, and that to have a little less troubles with supply of raw material, the company proprietors plan to create farms for crawl breeding in the nearest future.
Representing own company and advertising their production, the businessmen take part in exhibitions in Kyiv and Kharkiv, where they repeatedly won diplomas and awarded certificates.
Businessmen-furriers actively work on forming of dealer network for sale of their goods and services in Ukraine, offer cooperation to the sewing, knitting, shoe and other enterprises that use natural fur. Businessmen are ready also to the cooperation with foreign producers and sellers of fur, sewing enterprises and others.
23, Zhelyabov Str., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61098
Phone +38 (057) 777-33-77, 777-34-34, +38 (067) 577-31-40
Fax +38 (0572) 28-28-23
info@ssfur.com.ua, alexfur@kharkov.ukrtel.net