OJSC «Power Supply Company «Zakarpattyaoblenergo»

General Director
Vasyl I. Kovach
The power complex in Zakarpattya Region has started to develop at the beginning of XX century yet. In September, 1902 the buildings, streets and squares of Uzhhorod were illuminated firstly but among 17 000 residents of the city only 75 people were users of electric power.
Between two world wars the regional power complex actively developed: the powerful steam-turbine and hydro power plants of that time were built and the power lines were extended.
On the end of 1944 the capacity of all regional power stations was 16 600 kW; the length of high-voltage power lines made 619 km and low-voltage – 470 km. However, only 65 villages of 836 were partly electrified.
Lately the small power plants could not satisfy the demand of population and national economy that caused building of Tereblya-Rikska hydro power plant with the capacity of 27 000 kW launched in 1956. At the same time the power lines were built and the Zakarpattya Grid was formed. At the beginning of 80th years the Lviv Grid was connected to the Myr Grid of Eastern European countries; the center of international power connections with Comecon countries was built.
In 1978 Zakarpattya regional company of power networks was founded and started intensive building and reconstruction of substations, power lines of different tension. Today substations «Mukachevo», «Volovets» and main power lines are selected in separated structure of Zakarpattya main power networks, Western Grid.
In 1995 powerful company OJSC «PSC «Zakarpattyaoblenergo» was created and now it comprises 52 subsections, including 15 districts of power networks, 3 hydro power plants; 17 783 km of power lines and general amount of users – 406 495.
Due to efforts of power engineering specialists of Ukraine and western countries-partners Zakarpattya and part of Ivano-Frankivsk regions was connected to the European Grid for parallel work from 2002 and for this purpose they introduced the system of automatic regulation of voltage frequency, reconstructed communication and teleautomatics facilities, devices of relay protection and anti-emergency automation.
The company has well-coordinated collective of specialists providing transmission and supply of electric power in the distant corners of the region by everyday work. Over 2700 people are employed in the company, including 1411 specialists with higher and specialized secondary education; almost 42% of the personnel is under 35 years old. Highly skilled specialists work in the collective passing training in Lviv Polytechnic Institute, Vynogradiv and Svalyava vocational schools for many years.
Activity of Zakarpattyaoblenergo Complex is an important factor of realization of strategic direction of economic policy of the state – providing sustainable and effective functioning of Ukrainian power industry.
The European Market Research Center acknowledged a company one of the best in Ukraine in Brussels in 2002 and granted Euro Market Award-2002 with put into the European Register of Dynamically Developing Companies.
By results of operation for 2002-2004 OJSC «PSC «Zakarpattyaoblenergo» was put into the Register «TOP-100» of the best companies of Ukraine.
General Director of OJSC «PSC «Zakarpattyaoblenergo» is Vasyl I. Kovach, Deserved Power Engineering Specialist of Ukraine and the CIS.
Born in 1956 in Zakarpattya Region. Started career by electrician, lately senior engineer of the service of relay protection and automation.
In 1986 graduated from the Lviv Polytechnic Institute by major «Automatics and teleautomatics». Lately passed a labour way from deputy chief of trade union committee of the company to deputy chairman of the board of State Joint-Stock Power Company «Zakarpattyaoblenergo».
From 1998 Chairman of the Board – General Director of OJSC «PSC «Zakarpattyaoblenergo». Deputy of the Zakarpattya Regional Council of IVth convocation.
Awarded Diploma of the Supreme Council of Ukraine «For special merits to the Ukrainian people», Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Certificate of the Ministry on Emergencies of Ukraine, Diploma of the Central Committee of Trade Union of employees of power engineering and electrical engineering of Ukraine, Insignia of the Zakarpattya Regional State Administration – Breastplate «For development of the region» and Diploma of the Zakarpattya Regional Council.
57, Golovna St., Onokivtsi village, Uzhhorod-Onokivtsi, Zakarpattya Region, Ukraine, 89412
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